Thursday, March 19, 2009

What if? A Poem

What if we eagerly anticipated each day,
Expecting wonderous miracles in each
Encounter we have with complete strangers
Who dwell within our friends?

What if we savor the time we have instead
Of dreading the minutes
That drag or fly by
So we taste the goodness
Of God's creation as if
We had never this moment before?

What if we embraced each task that sits
On our to do list
So long undone as
God embraces us so
We will blossum into sun-
Flowers standing bright and beautiful
And tall?

What if we rested with pillow angels
Who wisper their calming song into
Our hearts as we reherse the
Day in our minds, So we
Can drift into peaceful sleeping?

What if we worried less and
Celebrated more
Opened ourplay to include the world
Into the game of life?
What if we trusted God
So completely we could release
The tension in our soul
And be moved by the Spirit
To be present, to be the presenter of Spirit
To a hurting world?
What if???
SPM 9-29-08

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