Saturday, February 9, 2008

The week

The week of a preacher

Each week, every week
I enroll in class.
Each week, every week,
I acquire books and articles,
Eat the knowledge and wisdom within,
Attend classes in classrooms all around.
Each week, every week,
I write notes, insights, thoughts,
Put my computer to work,
Distilling God's word in this particular moment,
In this particular situation,
In this particular place.
Meanwhile, all the time,
Adjusting to winds of need and change.
Each week, every week,
I put all these scattered bits
Into images and words, songs and prayers,
transmitting a glimpse of truth, maybe.
I submit the term paper, await confirmation
I satisfied the requirements to pass and
Can register for the term next.
Each week, every week,
I start again, finish maybe, continue lessons
Of being a student preacher
Wholly dependent on God.

1 comment:

rockinghorsenab said...

I knew being a pastor was tuff, but ouch! Interesting view into your life.