Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I have been a bit overwhelmed with all the wildfires that have threatened the homes of so many, have pushed the firefighters and all those in public safety to the limit. My prayers of thanks has continued even as the networks have turned to other breaking
news. The fall out from the destruction will continue to press us to offer care for those who lost all or most of their possessions, and in some cases the lives of their loved ones. The soot and ash is still in the air and many have developed illnesses in the post fire environment. I must admit it is hard to imagine what it must be like to lose all those possessions I have carefully collected through the years, books, furniture, pictures, art, clothes. I would be discouraged and depressed I am sure.
This week I am studying the prophet Haggai, who was given the job of helping people find it in their faith to rebuild the temple of Solomon. He preached a message of hope for those refugees who had been exiled from their homeland for 70 years, and many of whom had to depend on their younger family members to do the work required. Haggai, talked in terms of saying that God will support and protect them and give them energy for the work. I think of my home church in Chicopee Falls, the building which had stood for over 160 years was leveled, and now only a few bricks remain, the land turned into a parking lot for another church. This is so discouraging for the congregation, as they struggle to be a witness for the Gospel. Many wonder what is in store,what is the future for us now that we have no building to call home? Haggai seems to answer my questions, about the future, trust in God and God will provide. This is hard when their is no proof to hold on to, no physical structure to inspire, but it is true that as we rebuild our churches, our homes, our lives, God is there every nail, every brick, every step of the way. I wonder do I trust God that much?

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