Tuesday, June 5, 2007


June 10th preach for worship then leave for vacation days for three days on a golf trip to Bandon Dunes in Oregon,
June 13 Return home prepare for Annual Conference, make final arrangements for study leave
June 19th - 24Annual Conference
25-26 prepare for trip to Marriage and Family Conference in Denver27th leave for Denver July 2 Return home
July 3-6 Writing time
July 7 Leave for Plymouth Mass for 18th Chromosome Conference
July 11th-16 Writing and reading
July 16th-24 Vacation time with family in Massachusetts which includes my niece's wedding, a baptism of her baby, and seeing the family
July 24th return to California July 25-27 Prepare for writing workshop
July 28-August 6 Writing workshop in New Mexico August 7-12 Writing and reading
August 13-31 open time to start submitting writing to publishers
August 20-21 Sermon Preparation Retreat in Pacific Palisades
September 1- 7 Writing and reading
September 7-18 Attend 50th Wedding Anniversary for my parents in Massachusetts September 19th-23 Prepare for going back to Walnut UMC
September 24 First day back